1. John and Mary ……. the radio.

a. are listening on b. are listening to c. is listening on d. is listening to

2. What’s his name?

a. It’s name Jack b. It’s a Jack c. It’s Jack’s name d. It’s Jack

3. The lamp is …….. the television.

a. at b. next to. c. near of d. between

4. My brother is writing ………

a. by a pencil b. with pen c. in a paper d. in a book

5. Monday is the first day

a. Tuesday is the second b. The second bis thursday c. Tuesday is the fourth d. The fourth is thursday.

6.Micheal ….for the Bank since last year.

a.did work b. has worked c.does work d. works

7. I’m really looking forward ….. this exercise

a.to finish b.finishing c. finish d.to finishing

8.Suddenly, we heard a loud noise, but outside, there ……..there!

a.was nobody b. is anybody c. wasn’t nobody d.was somebody

9.Michael………Paris in the morning

a.to leaving b leaves for c  is leaving for d. leave to

10. a. What’s like the weather? b. How’s the weather? c. What’s the weather like? d. How the weather is?

11.I ….. working at night nowadays.

a. used to b. used c. am used to. d would

12.I wish I ….. a million dollars, I’m tired of being poor.

a. have b would have c.had d. had had

13.  …..in telling me these lies, because you know I don’t believe you.

a. There is no use b.  It is no point c.It is no use d. It is usefulness

14.  By this time tomorrow we ….. the meeting.

a. will have b. will have had c. are having d.will had had

15.  “We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody ……

a.   especially  b. specially  c.  in particular d.himself 

16. fulfil

a.carry out b be thirsty. c. supply d. prove

17. collapse

a. build b. fall down. c. stay safe d. keep safe

18. prospect

a. cause b. expectation. c. approach d. promotion

19. proficient

a. proud b. skilled c. wise d. well – known


a. wear b. stiff c. necessary d. unimportant

21. Match the words with their meanings

  1. conventional ————- a. elevator
  2. prohibit ————- ———–b. creative
  3. lift ——————————-c. fluctuate
  4. disperse ———————- d. convincing
  5. cogent ————————e. customary
  6. ingenious ————————- f. scatter
  7. vibrate —————————– g. ban

From the bold words find the one which is not correct.

22. Some fishes live at such enormous depths that they are almost complete blind

23. Animals that live in cold climates often hibernate throughout the winter when food is scarcely.

24. Morse code was an important way to send messages before the telephone and radio are invented.

25. Language is an important factor in the accumulate of culture.

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